Yep, that’s right! Phizpix is back and ready for action! Not only that but Phizpix is also under new ownership! Hi everyone! My name is Jazmine Kravitz! I’ve been a California girl since the ripe age of 9 but originally born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I live in Woodland Hills with my husband Alex, my sister Aaliyah and our two cats Rocket and Natasha! One of my biggest hobbies at the moment is roller skating! I’ve done many a wedding preparation alongside my amazing mother-n-love so the event world is a familiar place for me.

Rich and Clare, the incredible couple that previously owned Phizpix, will soon be moving back home to the UK with their two boys and two dogs. I will be an absolute puddle when they go as they have left a lasting impression on me of not only being wonderful, deeply loving individuals but such inspirational parents as well. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to pick up where they left off and continue providing a stellar photo booth service to my future clients! I have some big shoes to fill and I am absolutely ready!

If you’re in Los Angeles or Ventura County and interested in booking photo booth for you next event, we’d love to hear from you! Get in contact today!

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