The Booth

The Phizpix open-air photo booth set up and ready for action

Luxury Open-Air Photo Booth

When we say we use the best available technology and elegant designs to ensure your photo booth experience is as awesome as possible, we mean it. Coming from the Wedding Photography industry, we know what makes a good photograph. We wouldn’t suggest our clients use anything but the very best solution; our open-air photo booth.

Our open-air photo booth is designed to include everyone in the fun. With no enclosure, you and your guests have more room to move, jump in or watch the fun that’s going on in front of the camera. Designed to give a mini-photo studio experience, our booth comes with a professional DSLR camera, a gorgeous high functioning 12” touchscreen and a flattering lightening system. Our dye-sub printers produce vibrant, outstanding quality prints in less than ten seconds – they’ll be ready waiting for you when you’re done posting your phiz onto social media!

Open-Air Photo Booth

The Phizpix photo booth rental set up ready for a wedding in Camarillo

Superior technology, superior results

✓  Expert craftsmanship

✓  DSLR as opposed to a webcam

✓  High-quality sub-dye printer

✓  Interactive touchscreen

✓  Social media sharing directly from the booth

✓  GIFs and video

✓  Flattering lighting

✓  Beautiful photos