Guest Books

A great way to have a physical reminder of your photo booth fun is to combine your guests pictures with handwritten messages in the form of a Guest Book.

We have several guest book options available, from scrapbook options through to our new beautiful customizable luxury books. The Phizpix team will provide all the stationery needed and will coordinate entries of your guest’s photos along with their messages, leaving you with a physical reminder of your big day that you will cherish for years to come.


Our “standard” guest book typically has a fabric cover with space for your booth photo. We encourage guests to approach these like a scrapbook, with their photos stuck next to their messages and doodles.

Here’s an example (real photos from a real event but messages just for illustration!)

A picture of a guestbook containing a photo of the bride and groom on the cover   A photo showing the inside of a guestbook with photos from the photo booth next to guest messages

Luxury Customizable Guest Book

Our new luxury options are created in partnership with the very talented PaperLuxStationery. Your name and wedding date are printed on the hard back cover and on the spine, with you selecting your preferred design and color options.