How does the Phizpix Booth work?

It couldn’t be simpler!  Once your guests are ready (props or no props), the process can be kick-started from the booth touchscreen. Our Booth Assistant will give a little advice, if needed, on where to stand and what to expect. Your guests will be able to see themselves on the screen as it counts down from 3 to 2 to 1, allowing them to get into place and strike a pose. Then the flash will go…. at that point a photo is taken. The image will be shown on the screen. If you’ve selected a multi-photo run (say, 3 photos, for your photo template), the process will start over until all images have been captured.

The time in-between photos is often the most fun, sparking guests to get more and more creative for the next shot!

At the end of the run, the collated photo template will be presented on the screen, along with the Animated GIF option (if part of your package). And then your guests are free to enjoy, print and share!

What’s the difference between ‘Booth Time’ and ‘Idle Time’

‘Booth Time’ is the actual time you want your booth up and running and available to your guests. Within our pricing, we also account for arriving to set up roughly 90 minutes before this starts, and for tear-down services after the event too.

A possible scenario might be that you’d like for us to set up earlier than 90 minutes before the start of ‘Booth Time’. For example, if there is only one entrance to your venue and you’d prefer for us not arrive at the same time as guests. We are of course happy to accommodate these requests but need to cover our personnel costs. This is where ‘Idle Time’ comes in.

‘Idle Time’ allows for you to have the booth at a discounted rate during the times you need it set up and ready at your venue, but not actually running.

Another example could be that you want to split your ‘Booth Time’ over the course of your event. Say, have the booth open for cocktail hour, closed during dinner, then re-opened for the rest of the evening. In this instance, the time in-between the end of session 1 and the start of session 2 would be considered ‘Idle Time’.

What size prints do you offer?

We offer 4×6 or 2×6 prints – your choice. Both can be designed to be landscape or portrait. You can read more about photo template options here.

Some providers offer printing but then restrict the volume to two copies per photo. What do you mean by ‘unlimited printing’?

By unlimited, we mean as many as you and your guests need so that no-one goes home empty-handed. No catch!

What is the difference between a ‘Personalized’ and a ‘Customized’ photo template?

If you opt for a ‘Personalized’ photo template, you’ll have free reign to specify your wording, font choice, background and font colors and add any logo you might have. A ‘Customized’ template takes it a step further, with our team working with you to fully design elements of the template. For example, images, icons, a unique background or font etc. Alternatively, if you’d like to design your own template, we’d be happy to assist you in providing the necessary requirements to make sure it is ‘booth friendly’, and template documents to get you going.

You can read more about photo template options here.

How many people fit in the booth?

As many as you can squeeze in! As our booth is an open-air concept, there are no limits. If you anticipate you’ll want lots of big group shots let us know and we can make sure we set the booth up accordingly.

Can the booth be used outdoors?

Our preference would always be using the booth indoors as this offers protection from irregular light, heat and weather. But if being outdoors is important to you, we can work together to assess how best to make that happen. As a starting point, we’ll need a solid and level floor (no grass, dirt or sand),  protection from harsh light and weather (including gusts of wind) and a power source.

How much space will I need for setup?

Ideally, we’d recommend a 10′ x 10′ x 10′ space but it can be bigger or smaller depending on your set-up and what you would like included (e.g. guestbook production area). The limiting factor is height – our preferred backdrop stand is approx. 8′ tall and the device itself is 74” to the top of the strobe and 88” to the top of the umbrella.

What printer do you use?

We use a DNP DS620A which is the king of dye-sublimation printers. Dye-sub printers combine the speed of a laser jet and the beautiful colors of an ink jet. Vibrant prints come out in less than ten seconds and the image quality is just outstanding.

What are the power requirements?

Our photo booth requires 110-120 Volts AC power. Just one 3-prong outlet is needed – all the components are connected internally within the photo booth structure, so on the outside, there is only one AC cord to plug into the wall. Ideally, this would be within 12 – 20ft of where the booth is placed.

How long does it take to set up the booth?

Our photo booth is designed specifically to enable quick assembly and tear-down. Depending on your set-up and what you would like included, it should take roughly 60 mins. This comes as a standard part of our service and will be managed by our professional Booth Assistant, who will always arrive on site with plenty of time before your event is due to start.

Is the booth kid friendly?

Absolutely! We just ask that guardian’s offer some supervision and are on hand to provide any assistance if they need a little booster to be level with the camera. If you’re anticipating a high number of children at your event, let us know – we can easily adjust the height of the booth, it just might mean adults have to get a little low!

Why do you include a Booth Assistant?

We provide an expert Booth Assistant for each of our engagements to make sure your experience goes as seamlessly as possible. Our team members are trained to support guests who are new to photo boothing, or those that are less tech-savy; to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly; they have tactics for queue control, to keep things moving and everyone happy in the process; and they will oversee any additional services you may opt for, such as guestbook preparation and video messaging.

How does social media integration work?

Our booth allows guests to easily share images via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, SMS and E-mail. This can be done from the booth screen itself, so long as a good Wi-Fi connection is available. Unfortunately, Instagram does not enable instant sharing. Our guests get around this by simply sending the image to themselves via SMS or Email, and take it from there.

square social-3 shapes social icon

Can we get hold of the digital files?

Yes, absolutely. We’ll provide you with access to all of your files, after the event, via our online galleries (“Your Pix”☝☝) . You can choose who to share the log-in details with, allowing guests to re-live the fun by viewing and downloading for free. Prints can also be purchased directly from the site too.

Can your booth shoot black and white images?

Yes. For those booking the Pout Package, we will also provide a copy of all individual images in both color and black & white in the post-event gallery.

Can your booth produce Animated GIFs?

As our Logo shows, this is one of our favorite features! So long as you have a photo run that has more than 2 images, your guests can follow the usual process on the touchscreen and then they will be given the choice to see their photo template or see the GIF. Unlike some other providers, we don’t make you choose one or the other – guests can enjoy both the traditional prints and GIFs in the same sitting!

Are you Insured?

Absolutely. We have professional liability coverage up to $2m.

Is travel included in the cost?

Travel is already included within a 30 mile radius of zip code 94607. If your event is further than 30 miles, know that we’re not looking to make a profit on travel; we’re just looking to cover costs. So get in touch and we’ll do our best to factor this into your package at the lowest cost.

Do we need to provide Wi-Fi?

If you intend to use the social media sharing features of the booth, yes, we do need a good Wi-Fi connection. If there isn’t a good connection, images will be queued up and sent when the system is re-connected to Wi-Fi, just after your event. If you know in advance that Wi-Fi will be unavailable or spotty, we can provide hotspot capability for a small additional cost.

Can we use / create our own backdrops?

Sure! We offer a selection of luxury backdrops for you to choose from as part of our standard offering. If you want to create your own backdrop, we can talk you through what would be required to make sure you get the most from your pix. We can also help you with design and sourcing. You may also find your venue has a great feature wall which can also double as a backdrop! Find out more here about options.

Where will I find my photos after the event?

Your photos will be uploaded to our ‘Your Pix’ galleries within 24 hours of your event. We’ll drop you an email to let you know when they are ready!

Where are your booths made?

Our photo booths are created by hand in Southern California by the industry’s best fabricators and welders.