When it comes to Backdrops, you have a number of options…

Luxury White Fabric

Our luxury white fabric backdrop is available as part of any of our Packages. This is a great option, especially to bring to life colorful props, costumes or black and white images.

A group of friends posing in the photo booth

Luxury Sequin

Also available are our luxury sequined backdrops. We just love these – they reflect the light really well, look luxurious and add some great texture to images. There are three options available: Black, Honey Gold, Silver.

A couple wearing props and pulling cute faces in the photo booth

Block Color

If you’re looking for more of a block color, we have high quality studio paper backdrops designed for an indoor setting that are available to use.

Instagram phizpix RANDOM_001

Feature Wall

An alternative, is to use a cool feature wall or setting at your venue.

photo booth with feature wall

Custom Design

If you have a specific theme or texture in mind, or require something branded like a Step and Repeat, let us know and we’ll do our very best to create exactly what you have in mind!

Likewise, if you’d like to source your own backdrop, or create one from fabric, you’re very welcome to – let’s talk it through!

Colleagues playing with props in front of a step and repeat backdrop in the photo booth